Ever-increasing manufacture rates in metallurgy require reduction of material and time costs for measurements. Products of "Nordinkraft-Sensor" Company are reliable media for achieving these goals. We offer easy to use, reliable and sophisticated disposable and non-disposable probes and associated equipment.
Working with us, you save your time and money.

Welcome to “Nordinkraft-Sensor”

“Nordinkraft-Sensor” is an enterprise with a long history and experience in the field of measurements of molten metal parameters.

Our company designs and manufactures, carries out supply, set-up and maintenance of systems for measurement and control of molten metal variables, as well as supply of expendable probes and spare parts for such kind of equipment.

Our reliable partner in supply of secondary devices and components for measuring probes is one of the world leaders in this field – “Heraeus Elecro-Nite”.

Development of new trends in measuring techniques is the main goal of the company. In the recent years, our company has gone out of scope of measuring only melt parameters - one of the main directions of development is now spectral analysis of samples of various material types for metallurgical industry.

We hope that cooperation with “Nordinkraft-Sensor” will give you pleasant experience.